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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Day 7: Malmo / Copenhagen Took a train from Stockholm to Malmo, where we had so little kroner left that we have to pool and borrow money to eat a dagan’s meal at Burger King. Kinkit and Iven’s meal got mixed up so they got a Vegan burger for free, which they refused to throw away because food is so exorbitantly priced in Sweden. Wanted to go to the nearby church but decided that lugging 40kg worth of luggage to an attraction is not a wise move and we decided to hop on the train to Copenhagen instead. Promptly went to the hostel dragging the shitty luggages along with us so that we could dump everything there and walk about like free people. The hostel was pretty awesome with an ensuite toilet. Pity the poor Japanese man that shared a room with us for 3 nights because we are a noisy bunch, and it certainly didn’t help that the plastic bags kept rustling when we rummaged through our bags at night. So we explored the nearby park, trying to learn the ‘secret of happiness’ in the happiest city in the world and wandered about exploring and examining churches like the archistudents that we are. Found a Thai place to eat, where we got an ASIAN DISCOUNT! It was supposed to be 80kroner for one meal but after discount it was 5 meals for 200! With free watermelon and she gave us some meat for free for breakfast the next day! We walked around further and by chance found an open field within a park with a pond nearby and ate our Thai food, which... was not very nice nor Thai, but we ate anyway because food is so damn expensive and we are not allowed to insult because of Thai woman's goodwill. Went back to the hotel for a beer before retiring for the night.   Day 8: Copenhagen Hitched a free ride on the metro to a gorgeous church, the bagvaard church. Luckily we left for the place early because there was a funeral going on inside. Travelling with architecture students automatically guarantees some sort of discourse. Went to the area with many BIG projects to admire the architecture (again, what’s new?) Visited the 8 building which was splendid and the Mountain dwelling, which was meh, boring.

Nearby was the biggest shopping mall in the City called field’s to have our dinner.. which was a KFC family bucket. Never in my life have I seen an entire bucket of chicken being reduced to bones so quickly.

Went to pay a visit to Christiania, the free town of Copenhagen where the hippies live and smoke copious amounts of weed. Photos were not allowed, so i sneaked only a few before and after entering the place.


Rushed back to the hotel for happy hour (Joe’s treat!) and got really high because I fail to the max. Alcohol however made it easier for the guys to spill their secrets hehehe.


Day 9: Copenhagen

Wanted to catch the changing of guards, but we had no idea where it was, so we missed it. Walked about the palace for a bit before we decided to walk to the royal library to check it out.

It was a pretty nice space, but nothing too impressive, so I ambled about the library using wifi and sitting around. It was here that Joe lost a part of him. The wind was strong and cleanly lifted his hat off of his head and into the river.

Poor boy was so traumatized and upset that he didn’t remember allowing Suiying to take incriminating photos of him. Thereafter, he kept moaning about his hat and bought 2 replacements. After that, we travelled to Grundtvig’s church where there was an organ recital free-of-charge. The church was as usual, beautiful and the structure and detailing of the church was quite different from the ones I’ve seen in Europe.


Day 10: Copenhagen

SHOPPING!!! Nuff said. H&M and Zara had sale so we bought our hearts out. Kind of regret bringing so many clothes. And I might have to throw some stuff out because they’re getting old and unsuitable for climate. Rushed back to the hotel to grab our stuff  before going to the airport to catch our flight. Unfortunately for all of us, our flights were delayed. Our flight to Paris was delayed half an hour, then an hour, then after we had seated on the plane we were told to change to another aircraft. As a result we nearly missed our bus to Denfert Rochereau and the agent was already waiting in the apartment for us. Had to borrow phone from some kind soul on the bus to make a call. By the time we reached the apartment it was midnight, and I unpacked all the way till 5am.

Copenhagen was the most expensive and the most uneventful of cities. Still haven't found out the secret to their happiness. Tourists are probably the most unhappy :( $9 for a hotdog is exorbitant! In any case I had a great pre-sem holiday. The company made the trip awesome and might i say, educational.

Just realised how many more posts I have to post on travel! Clearly I am procrastinating from doing real work.

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