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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

luxembourg gardens and moulin rouge

So the expensive apartment we live in has it's awesome points. Apart from being 3 minutes away from the train station, it's also in a central location that is rather near some attractions. So Suiying and I decided (and I can't remember what date this is) to walk to Luxembourg gardens. Okay well I wanted to walk anyway, because I love walking and the metro is expensive.

There is really nothing much I have to say about a huge, pretty garden apart from describing it as huge and pretty, so here are the photos with some captions.

gorgeous skies and greenery on the way to the luxembourg palace

the palace itself[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="510"]
people just chilling like they have no work to do.... lucky bitches.
heart of stone?

On the way back home we decided to enter a random building – only after some exploration did I realise it was the University of Paris.

stacked stone spiral staircase – it alliterates!

Came across this amazing brick building with awesome detailing

hahaha, missing a rib

On another day that we had nothing to do, we went to Montmartre to roam around, see the cemetery and the sacred coeur. But alas, the cemetery was closed and sacred coeur was far away, so S and I decided to give it a miss. We ended up outside the Moulin Rouge, trying to sneak a peek inside because we were too broke to pay the 105 euros to get in. And just for fun, we entered the museum of erotica and ended up laughing our insides sore.

Nothing much for this post! days are starting to blur into each other.

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