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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


It's actually been so long since I blogged that I've kind of forgotten how to do this. My blog was supposed to be a diary of sorts for my exchange life but it has already been 10 months since I came back and I've survived two additional semesters of architecture school and 3 months of working as an architecture intern T.T

Meanwhile, the rest of my travel logs are ensconced safely in a bright red moleskine notebook that is now falling apart despite my delicate treatment of it. I am actually rather cross about having paid for this stupid expensive notebook only to have the pages fall out of the spine what, 1 year after I've used it?Utter rubbish I say. Never again will I be seduced by the sexiness of the smell of a new moleskine (okay who am I kidding this is definitely going to happen again).

Actually have no idea how I'm going to slowly update this blog with events that happened more than a year ago interspersed with events that are about to happen, but either way I've got to do this because I have realised that as age is slowly catching up to me, my recollection of events is dwindling.

Also, don't want to admit it but I miss writing anything that is not remotely academic. Actually, I'd say I miss writing ANYTHING because architecture school.... does not require any form of cogent prose (or none that people actually read, anyway) and sometimes the thoughts in my head get out of hand.

However, as someone who recently (24 hours!) concluded the sem, I see fit to Rejoice! for it was done without any emotional/mental breakdown even without my closest homies with me. Not sure if school is getting easier or I'm just used to the routine and rigour of the torture.

Alright. I hope my commitment issues do not set in too soon. This is probably the 230872645015607165th blog I've owned since I started blogging in sec 1 back when I was concerned with silly things like the length of my school socks. Hopefully pretty and meaningful posts will follow.

Till then!

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