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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Alas, April is here. It's definitely not my favourite month simply because of the copious amount of shit that happens every year during this time. It's either a test, or a project, or a deadline that looms over my head for a good half of the month. This year it's all 3, and I'm trying not to implode or explode at anyone.

Control thyself.

Managed to go betray my conscience and sense of urgency by declaring an off day yesterday, which saw me exploring the world on google maps capturing Pokemon (status stands at 81 out of 150 and I simply cannot afford the time to finish it). Tagged along with Wynne and Zhoey to their friend's art exhibition which took the second floor of a rather inconspicuous shophouse and made friends with a cat while they reminisced about primary school.
Stahp disturbing me, hooman.

We had a hurried dinner at Aston's (urgh) when they judged me for eating medium-cooked steak but it is what it is because Aston does a shitty medium-rare. Sprinted off to i12 to purchase second row tickets to the Grand Budapest Hotel which is now my third favourite movie.

Gorgeous set and colours!! Guess I'll now have to download the rest of the Wes Anderson movies to distract myself with!!!
Ended the night with a cup of ice milo with Wynne before heading home to concuss.

Fast forward to today which has already started on a bad note and is not likely to get any better as I shall be in school, shifting and cutting large pieces of foam and slowly killing myself by inhaling toxic fumes emitted by the hot wire cutter. Come to think of it I've probably had some brain damage from the trauma that is Year 1 in Architecture school. 

Wish me luck, then!

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