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Friday, 4 April 2014

There is very very little that I like about my birthday. In fact the only thing that I like about it is its date because 0404. I guess I've always had some affinity and liking to the number because of it, but when it really comes down to a birthday..

This year was one of the most terrible ones I've had. Woke up feeling distraught and miserable because it was exceptionally hot, and had to drag my sorry ass to school to cut huge pieces of foam for rapid prototyping. My uterus decides to shed its lining and render my lower body in much discomfort. Spent the entire day sitting around in the workshop waiting for the hot wire machine to get a grip and just cut the damn pieces already. On top of that, I lost all appetite and have been tanking the manual labour of the day (which involved shifting enormous and heavy foam blocks) on half a bowl of porridge, some maccha cream puffs, a packet of gummy bears, and 2 of zhoey's chicken nuggets.

But thank God for little mercies, because we managed to resolve the technical hiccups quite fast (because zhoey was here haha) and it has FINALLY rained, putting an end to the horrible dry spell that's been going on. And thank God for good friends who took time to make maccha cream puffs, buy cupcakes and cheer me up with sweet messages on a simple card. 23 is a little old to be getting surprise gifts in your email inbox and having your friends sing you a birthday song quietly outside the workshop, but I appreciate it all the same.

The little siblings have also been thoughtful with their gifts and bought me some things that I would actually buy myself, others that I wouldn't, but would use just because it's a gift.

This day has passed rather quickly because I've had giant foam blocks to distract me from the shittiness, so I guess it's passable after all. Now to take on the weekend!!

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