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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I just spent an inordinate amount of time doing a personality test, the results of which I am unable to access unless I pay them assholes $37USD. No fellas, I will not pay you to tell me about myself thank you very much (now hmm.. what does that say about me.)

I've been terrible at remembering what I've been doing, so for posterity, I'm just going to briefly note this down.

Saturday was spent in the safety of the Balcony of Azzura beachside bar. In what I'd call an awesome twist of events, I got posted to be in charge of the Kids Word Search – which proved to be rather challenging for some adults – and since you know, kids that do word searches nowadays are kind of lame, I was rather pleased to have much of the time sitting alone and secretly laughing at the crazy people on the Rodeo Bull. Welfare was good too, with free beer, lunch and MOVENPICK icecream. Best $80 earned ever. I <3 Fly Entertainment.

So on Sunday I made my way down to Fly's Office for the briefing for Singapore Heritage Festival. Once again the fates have smiled upon me and I've been posted to the slackest mall – Changi City Point. Yup, who even goes there right. And it'll just be me and 2 other fellas that'll be there for all 10 days. Kind of awesome, but I'd be wise to bring a book to read in my free time – I anticipate plenty.

Thereafter I hastily made my way to Little India, which was a harrowing experience just walking from the train station to the church because somebody yelled and gesticulated wildly in my face to my immense horror, and I clunked away in my booties as quickly as I could manage. After the service, the decision to wear anything with a heel quickly bit me in the ass as we navigated, slowly and skillfully to Swee Choon for dimsum. Ah, dimsum, the food of deities, I'm sure. (Figure of speech)

Today was spent doing grown-up things. Made my way down to the French Embassy to apply for a visa today, not before hoping and praying and begging that things would go smoothly today. I had been forewarned to avoid the woman on the left AT ALL COSTS, and so I rapidly approached the woman on the right, only to be told to sit down for a moment. Spent 5 minutes in pure trepidation before the kindly lady beckoned for me to go over and I was safely out of the evil left woman's jurisdiction. Left woman has avery powerful diaphragm which she so keenly demonstrated by yelling at people and heir incomplete documents. Boy was I lucky to have missed that.

Sat down for a quiet afternoon froyo at HV before making my way to the bank to settle more grown-up stuff. This exchange stint is making me grow up so much more rapidly. So many things to deal with – housing, visa, housing subsidies, tickets, accommodation. Hopefully it'll be finalized soon and I can focus strictly on my excitement to be leaving to a country where the weather is (hopefully) more merciful.

In a random burst of spontaneity, I decided to take my and my new friend Claire (that is what I am naming my DSLR) to Reflections to take pictures. Had to quietly sneak behind some woman doing her groceries though. Didn't particularly like the place apart from the abundance of large open spaces, magnified by the enormous scale of the 3 towers and the close proximity to the bay.

Pictures not particularly nice because it rained and the sky was all gloomy and I am far too lazy to rectify that on photoshop

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  1. hahahaha Claire! I should totally give mine a name too. I think its a dude though. nice blog ;)