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Thursday, 19 July 2012


This holiday is turning out to be the best one yet. Turning 21 has been a blast; I find myself to be making full use of my newfound freedom. Ah, to be young and free.

Went once again to the GBTB, knowing fully that I was going to be thoroughly underwhelmed by it. I guess it's just an obligatory thing, to see it once in the day and once at night, be able to safely say that I've seen all/most of what there is to it, and then never return until the occasion calls for it. I shall be returning to the place in 3 years time when the exorbitantly imported plants are fully grown and lush, hopefully.

Most of the plants at the garden don't look like they want to be there/ are happy to be. I know that this is supposed to be some awesome, expensive testament to the glory of human innovation/engineering/urban planning, but I'm barely feeling it. Maybe it'll grow on me someday.

Couldn't really be bothered to edit the pictures that I took because they have been taken to death but here are some shots that can pretty much sum up the experience there.

Found myself to be more concerned with looking outward from the GBTB to the nearby MBS instead of admiring the supertrees. I do not find them to be nice.

Theo, KK and I then went to check out the HP exhibition at the ASM which was small, but nice. And we also spent far, far too long debating over whether to buy the wands/beanies/ties and in KK's case, a stuffed owl (pfft, JUDGE)

Had dinner with WZ after he picked me up from the station. It is lovely to have friends that drive and/or stay near you, and we proceeded to have awesome BKT in Joo Chiat. Decided on whim to go to -secret location- to take pictures. Wasn't expecting much, but the view was pretty! Here is the only picture that I took because night shots are tricky and I didn't have a tripod.

The night got crazier. We decided to squeeze through a tiny hole in the gate  as others before us have done, judging from the size of the hole and walk through a construction zone all the way to Marina Barrage.

The night has a profound effect on people. The darkness, rendering it easier to hide away from the judging eyes of passers-by coupled with the fatigue of the day made us pensive and we ended up contemplating the mysteries and possibilities of life until late and it started to drizzle.

Now, we had walked a long way to Barrage, and we had to walk the same distance back but the unforgiving torrents of the heavens made it prudent to stay sheltered for a while more, so we took refuge in one of the lousiest shelters ever created by mankind – and got drenched anyway. When the rain died down a little, we quickly retraced our footsteps. The second time walking that dark path wasn't quite as scary as the first, but spooky nonetheless. It did not help that my over-active imagination was conjuring 1001 nasty situations we could be caught in.

Managed to make our way back to the car FINALLY after searching for the little blue sedan for ages in the rain. I'd never felt safer ensconced in a car before. By then it was past midnight and I was EXHAUSTED but thankful for the way the life has panned out for me.

It is amazing what one good day with awesome activities, company and food can do for the soul.

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