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Monday, 9 July 2012


The weekend has been nothing short of eventful, with half of Saturday spent safely ensconced in the indoor sports hall of St Gab's Secondary School playing badminton with the usual suspects. It was good fun, and good exercise, even though Iven would beg to differ and accuse me of standing at the same spot on the court. He did not have much to say later when Darren and I whooped his ass. I exaggerate.

We then proceeded to go to the newly opened Gardens.. by the bay to check out what the fuss was all about. It's a very different experience, going to these places with fellow architecture students, because they (and by influence, me too) tend to deconstruct every element imaginable.

"Wah! How they get it to cantilever so much arh (on the supertrees)."
"There there got support what."
"Ya, can see? The white colour concentric circles?"

So on and so forth.

Anyhow, as we meandered through the gardens, needing to frequently check the map to know where we were because quite frankly everything looked the same at night, the general sentiment toward the place was unimpressed. I kind of liked the serenity of the place though, and shall return to explore further soon. Vastly underwhelming music and lights show though.

After we thoroughly abused our legs playing badminton and that hideously long walk through the gardens, we then made another regretful decision to walk from bayfront all the way to dhoby ghaut to catch THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN (who was in fact, amazingly good-looking) and then proceeded with the blithe confidence of morons.

Made a pitstop at Rochor taohuey in typical Singaporean fashion before rushing off to the cinema to catch our movie. Taohuey is the new bubble tea.

And then Sunday arrived, with me conveniently ignoring it's presence and only rolling out of bed at 1pm and realizing I had to be in church in THREE HOURS. Perhaps it's the lack of work urgency that inspired a dearth of my punctuality, and I arrived a whole 20 minutes late. Yet I wasn't the latest.

It's beginning to be noticeable that my friends all have a discernible trait of tardiness, and it's starting to stymie the success of our outings.

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