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Thursday, 5 July 2012

TB actually

Double posting today because I want all these pictures up here but I don't want to have a backlog of them to post.

Made a trip down to the olddddddd hipster flats of Tiong Bahru yesterday to check out what the fuss about. Contrast these with the immensely boring public housing of today.

edit/ these flats are not, in fact, by the Housing Development Board but were by the Singapore Improvement Trust and as Wikipedia tells me, the construction style is a mix of Streamline Moderne and local Straits Settlement shop-house architecture.

These flats are absolutely delightful. First of all, they are huge, compared to the tiny flats that we are now expected to pay a bomb for. The ground floor units have a yard that opens out to a tiny garden and the upper floor units each have an extra corridor space within the flat. Unfortunately I was unable to see enough to figure out the layout of the units, but the glimpses I saw were enough to know that.

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