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Thursday, 5 July 2012

going the extra mile

So okay, I decided to get another blog other than my tumblr because tumblrs are for pretty pictures and reblogging, and it just seems strange to be typing long strings of words on it. I guess this blog is also for myself, now that I'm finally 21 it'll be prudent to finally have some platform to take stock of my life and where it's heading But mostly it's because I'm going to Paris! on exchange soon and I want to post pretty pictures for my own amusement.

Oh my goodness how long has it been I feel so strange blogging now.

ANYWAY, Sandra and I have been hanging out plenty, and going on architecture pilgrimages of sorts. Here are my favourite photos from the trip to Golden Mile, taken over 2 trips there because the first one was cut short due to... circumstance. 

Quite an experience exploring this building, really. I never expected it to be so nice, although the building and all its elements seem to be quite filthy with all the dust and dirt accumulated over the years. Never thought that I would dare to venture uninitiated into such a foreign (and might I add, shady) place, but I'm glad I did, and I definitely have Sandra to thank for this.

P.S. the $1 mangoes at the Thai supermarket - totally worth it.

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