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Sunday, 5 August 2012


So for 11 days straight I had been stationed at CCP to basically, give out flyers and free DVDs and educate people about the Singapore Heritage Festival. But alas, the crowd was thin and the 5 of us basically sat around with our iPads watching shows and reading books, only breaking from our routine at lunch hour to shove free national day song DVDs into people's hands.

Caught in the act.

This simple task for me turned into an anthropological study of the ways in which people reject free things, and I've compiled an inventory of sorts.
1. Look away and pretend not to hear
2. Spot you approaching and take out their handphones to avoid eye contact
3. Similar to type 3 but instead of looking at their handphone they decide that their hand require intense scrutiny
4. Look away and smile
5. Look away and shake their head
6. Regard you, make eye contact and then turn away (rudest of them all)
7. Say "Omg, no thank you" and walk away in disgust

For the record, the best way to reject this is to say "no, thank you". Smiling is a bonus. It is not in my best interests to badger you to take it, any way.

In any case, I'm glad to have done this job, firstly because of the easy money, and secondly because of the awesome people that I've met while working.

It's amazing how just 11 days can bond people, complete with a plethora of inside jokes and references. So thankful to have met this bunch of people! Hope to work with them again some time :)

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