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Thursday, 12 December 2013

busy being lazy

So the past few days/weeks have been characterised by unadulterated enjoyment.

When I'm having this much fun and having this much time at my disposal, it's difficult to imagine the pain and suffering of the semester; but during the semester it's impossibly cruel to think that I've had this much time on my hands being wilfully squandered away.
But I am not complaining, the rhythm of school life is not something that I'll be able to enjoy forever, unfortunately, so I do what I can to maximise pleasure from my holidays, even if it means being utterly useless.

Speaking of utterly useless, I am getting rather fond of having afternoon naps. This means that I spend a rather large amount of time in the loving arms of slumber. It does seem a little wasteful, doesn't it.

In any case, sleeping is not ALL that I've been doing even though admittedly I had to think harder about what exactly I've been doing.

Went out for a great lunch at Jones the Grocer with WH a couple of days ago and had this amazing fried squid dish. It is exactly as filling as it looks i.e. not very. But it was really good! The peppery taste of the vegetables combined with the refreshing raw taste of the beansprouts with the sour tangy taste of the yuzu mayonnaise was surprisingly nice. And came together spectacularly with the simply fried squid seasoned with salt and pepper.

But this wasn't enough to justify a trip down to Dempsey, and so we had dessert as well.
Words cannot describe how heavenly this tasted. The cold ice cream with the warm pudding and the hot caramel sauce creates an explosion of taste in your mouth. This really didn't disappoint – we were craving for more afterwards!

Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening chilling/trying to find a conducive place to read but failing. Getting distracted by the horrible monstrosity that is the RWS and eventually succumbing to the dull lull of the night and abandoning my book to just take in the surroundings and people watch.

The most enjoyable times often have me speechless and I struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings to immortalise the moment, but as I've grown older I've learned to appreciate the ephemerality quality of time and immerse myself completely in it without grasping it too tightly.

Recently I paid a visit to Brotzeit on the grace of NUS and my MNO3301 professor. The other archistudents were happily away on holiday and I had to go down there not knowing anyone. Honestly, I forced myself to go down because I am very cheap and I just can't pass up a free dinner, especially when whatever benefit I've gleaned from this module is exceedingly marginal and I've had to write 4 essays do 4 quizzes prepare for a presentation and participate in class WHILE TRYING NOT TO DIE IN ARCHISCHOOL.


I was silent most of the dinner, content to just be listening to the conversations that others were having sipping on beer trying to dull my senses. Social interaction is clearly not my forte, but I'm glad I went for the dinner if not for anything else, then for the awesome food that was given to me. BEST PROF EVER.

I've also finally paid the Singapore Biennale a visit, but was utterly unimpressed by it. By no means am I an art connoisseur, but tried as I might, I just couldn't feel touched by the art. There were some interesting pieces of course, but as a whole it just didn't do much for me.
Room filled with saga seeds!!
CNC-ed foam.

I've also been doing little projects of my own.
Christmas spirit is in the air!  YAAAAAY

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