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Monday, 16 December 2013


I've been sucked into the deep dark abyss that is K-drama addiction. So far I've been waiting patiently for the next episodes of Answer 1994 which is one of the very very few Korean dramas that make me laugh out loud, while bashing through the whole series of Heirs, which I just had to watch because... Lee Min Ho and other good looking people wearing very nice clothes. But even though I enjoyed getting caught up in the melodrama of this show, I have to say that it unfortunately employs every single cliche of Korean dramas, and the ending was painfully predictable (duh, happy endings). But who watches idol dramas for the plot anyway, right?

3 days remain till I troop off to Batam with YJ and WH. Such a weird combination but I'm hoping it turns out unexpectedly fun. Also, I blame this ridiculous situation on WH who is going overseas to avoid his NS event and 2 random people were dragged in tow. But it's okay, I've never been to Batam before and I could do with some time away from my laptop and the evil that is K-drama addiction!

It seems that I will accumulate a further backlog of travel posts soon because I am about to go to Turkey after my Batam trip for 12 days, and will most definitely take a truckload of photos. I cannot be more glad that digital photography is cheap, because I'm one of those retarded people that are extremely trigger happy and basically do serial vision on their cameras, and take like 5 pictures of the same thing, just with different compositions so that I'll be able to pick which one is the best later. Of course, I never delete any of these pictures so needless to say my laptop's space is largely apportioned to photos.

Despite that, I have a terrible disinclination of taking photos during normal outings/meet ups. Sometimes I struggle to recall what I did when. Perhaps this is a byproduct of age – things just don't seem like big enough of a deal for me to document or remember (of course, this is primarily due to my incredibly selective memory). Maybe if I put more effort into my appearance will I bother to take photos with other people on a more regular basis. Oh well, we'll just see how that goes.

Also, I've also come to the somewhat belated realisation that I am on quite a lot of social media platforms which I sporadically and selectively update. Urgh somehow I just can't bear the thoughts of my memories being strewn all over the places and not in one comprehensive, well curated place which I can revisit later on. It is a terrible pity that my anal retentive penchant for organising set in late in my life which leaves me with an enormous of accumulated mess that I have to reorganise. Couple that with laziness and we have a killer combination!

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