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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Zhihao: no plans for tonight uh?
Me: Have. Floor plans lor. Hurrrhurrrrrrrr

It is sad indeed when the only plans you have on a friday night are floor plans. And sections.

So I decided to draw one useful section instead of two useless elevations and have therefore kind of caught up with my schedule. My panels are slowly being filled up but of course, what remains is to have some decent and informative renders accompanying some extremely bullshitty diagrams, which will surely be a pain in the ass. Then again this is arguably the more relaxing part of production week because it means I am (kinda) done with AutoCAD and planning what goes where and the only thing that matters is how the sunlight hits my building hehe

People that are reading this probably do not understand jackshit about what I just said. I apologise. Just know that my life being squandered away on a bunch of drawings that will determine whether I pass this semester or not. 


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