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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spent almost the whole of yesterday in the throes of frustration and bemusement because my model just refused to render properly. Shuttled between Sketchup, Rhino and Lumion to find the easiest and most fuss-free solution to this. Turns out, though, that when it comes to rendering there is no such thing as fuss-free, and so I gave up this morning at 3am, because the panning motion on Lumion had given me motion sickness.

And so when i woke up to my alarm this morning feeling disgruntled and grumpy I decided that I would just choose the tried and tested method of Skp + Photoshop. I guess one thing I've learnt in this course is that if you try to cut corners, you're going to have a bad time.

Fast forward to now, when I'm typing away on this screen while my Sketchup renders my model on another (THANK GOODNESS for double monitors – I don't know how I managed year 1 and 2 without it) and I finally have some time to breathe , because if I attempt to do something else with the computer I think it might very well explode.
As it is there is a huge ice pack taking up a sizeable amount of real estate on my keyboard because my laptop is working incredibly hard, the fan is horribly noisy, and it is trying to burn my wrists for putting it through this horrible, horrible ordeal. I have a lot of love for my laptop <3 so please don't die on me through my most crucial period ok thanks

 1.5 more days okay after that I let you rest

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