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Monday, 12 May 2014

Photographic Endeavours

These 3 months are going to be an exercise in self-discipline for me. Even though there is no strict deadline looming over my head, i can't shake the feeling that i constantly have things to do because i've got to produce this 10000 word dissertation by September (and there is way more to do that i'd thought). Nevertheless, it's a good time for me to whip out my camera and practice my photography from time to time.

Here are some shots that i've taken since getting a DSLR, and which i've entered in the stories of my city photo contest. Not expecting anything but it'll be nice to have some feedback over on the website. Either way, since this blog started out more for my photography, i thought i'd just post them over here for posterity.

This is probably my favourite of the lot because of the irony of it. Taken at the green corridor the time Kinkit, Senja and I walked from the rail mall to star vista.

Also taken at the green corridor

Taken during a walk about my neighbourhood (Old Airport Road). Just two neighbours chilling. Makes me wonder what they had in common.
Taken during a visit to the SIT flats at Tiong Bahru. I like how the skyscrapers look like they're looking down on the old flats like bullies, slowly encroaching on old territory.
Taken on a whim. Voyeur/exhibitionist? 
(Corrected for lens distortion and perspective – submitted the original for contest because it's against the rules)

The surrealists have gone amok in our country
Taken on an archistudent self-directed excursion to Pearl Back Apartments

Be back with more soon, hopefully.

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