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Sunday, 11 May 2014

The days of may

Now that dissertation presentation and the stupid structural testing for the foam roof is over, I have been whiling my time away wilfully because my fatigued body soul and spirit deserves it. Come next week (which commences tomorrow urgh) i will strive to be a useful human being and upgrade my skills and start my research. Today will therefore be spent celebrating the concept of laziness and unproductiveness.

This week in a nutshell:

Monday was the day of the presentation, during which I tripped over every other word I was saying and renewed my distaste for public speaking. The structural testing for the roof was performed later that evening while us workers and builders of the roof prayed hard that it wouldn't collapse/be damaged because guess who's going to be the ones repairing it. In any case, here are some photos for posterity's sake as well as a long-anticipated goodbye to this labour mild fondness.

Can't believe that we spent so much time on that cloud arch.

Following the review, the bunch of us (nobs, muscle, gabe, wuzy) went to rotisserie for dinner to gripe about how terrible this module had been.

We then met up again on Thursday for dinner at Hifumi (which was kind of awful) in which Gabe eats 5 cups of Chawanmushi and Sandra's chicken thigh was semi-cooked. Interesting, however, was how the manager tried to tell us that it was "fully cooked already, just that sometimes randomly got blood one, really". Just how stupid did he think we were to not be able to tell a cooked chicken from a semi-raw one. In any case, we got it replaced with another dish for no charge.

Pauline and wuzy joined us later for drinks at Sauce. Speaking of which, I really need to find an alternative cheap drinking place – been going way too often. In fact if there was a membership card I would probably be a proud owner of one. It's funny when people from different cliques and social groups come together to talk about architecture school and its people.

Friday morning was spent with the mother and the grandmother in a delightful feast of chinese cuisine, after which we spent trying to buy age-appropriate clothes for the granny while she rifled through racks of apparel. Met up with kk chags and yajie for #unicornmoment which is a very judge-worthy title for a surprisingly enlightening and beautiful monologue by ShuAn who is one of my favourite hosts on clicknetwork. It was really good to hear her stories of serendipitous ways that life works as well as some regrets that made her who she is. I guess such exercises of self-reflection really do help us discover things that we skipped over in the past and allows us to move on from the events or people that used to be.

And yesterday, was when I took a trip down memory lane by going back to RG for the ORA family fest with senja, who was a whole hour late ಠ_ಠ Nevertheless it was a great day spent back at the Alma Mater which feels so so much like home.

Some things just don't change.
Ugly J block is still ugly, just in different colours
There is, however, a unicorn in school made out of dead leaves
The squash courts are a lot less slippery now, but is still misused by the art people who dump their materials all over the floor
RI boys still impress RG girls by having retarded skills like being able to stay on a mechanical rodeo for a record 93 seconds
My school is still beautiful in its entirety
In our sec 2 classroom!!

<3 RG is and will always be the best school I've ever been to

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