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Friday, 15 August 2014

School has officially started, but to be honest i don't feel so different because the holidays were plagued with horrible research and work anyway. The sad, sad thing is that all my lectures this semester are at 10am which is unfortunately early for my standards. I don't understand why i still have to be subjected to this ugh i mean really, i'm already year 5 :(

The summer holidays have been uneventful to say the least, save for the one week trip to HCMC that i took in early june and now seems like an eternity ago because of all the other nonsense i've been doing, have done from then till now. So, a summary of things that occurred this holiday.

1. researched and wrote the bulk of my master's dissertation
2. met up with friends i hadn't seen in a while
3. bought a DW watch, and subsequently scratched it BOO but it is still my first love
4. worked at MBS for 2 days
5. finally tried lady M cakes (and decided that i don't like it that much after all)
6. went back to rg for homecoming
8. did an mini architour with jarrell and his tutor at the bartlett, paolo
9. bought many many rings to zazz up my outfits for school
10. did some handicraft in procrastination of doing any real work
11. visited the river safari

Pictorial summary

It was a peaceful holiday but for now, back to the grind.

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