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Saturday, 30 August 2014

It's kind of hard to believe that i've already gotten my degree, especially since I have nothing to show for it yet. No certificate, no convocation photos, it's just been a silent acknowledgement of the past 4 years and what it's entailed. I don't know about other people, but it's hard for me to feel the sense of completion without events.

In other news, week 3 is over and i'm proud to say that i've attended every lecture so far, but looking at the impending deadline of my dissertation (which, btw I have not touched for the last 2 weeks OMG) this isn't a feat that i can upkeep in the next week.

So yesterday WH, chags and I went for lunch after lecture at Rotisserie for some good old chicken just like last year. Talk about slipping back into the rhythm of school. The number of people I can have lunch with after school has significantly dwindled because 1. people have graduated 2. people are on gap year 3. people are skipping school and i hardly see them anyway. cricricri thank goodness I still have weihan to whine/cry/bitch through this last year with.

On the way back to the car however, my cotton on flats failed me SPECTACULARLY as i slipped on some super slippery squishy mud on to my ass, though honestly given my clumsy nature i think i would have fallen anyway even if i were wearing any other footwear. I don't know if this hasn't happened in a while, or if my vocal chords were just shocked/asleep but i yelped in a super unglam/awkward manner that probably went something like AUGHOMGSQWEQ. Rachel spun around to see me sitting in a puddle of mud. Honestly i was in shock because slipping into mud as a 23 year old was not something i had ever expected myself to do (or replicate, for that matter) but the moment we made eye contact we burst out laughing.

Cleaning myself was a horrible ordeal though, and briefly brought back memories of the mud drill we did before frisbee competitions. Let me just say thank goodness my shorts were black/of thick material and easy to clean, and the people that witnessed my fall were Rachel and WH who are at least helpful during mishaps. Some kind auntie in a van that was waiting and watching for WH's parking lot offered her water to me and eventually came down with a cloth and literally wiped my ass for me. I'm not even exaggerating, she took her super awesome microfiber cloth and started wiping me down.. like I was a car – in fact i'm inclined to believe that the cloth was meant for cars, yknow? But nothing could be dirtier than my posterior at that point in time so like, whatever amirite, beggars can't be choosers.

And for posterity's sake here are my..... skid marks hahahahahahaha ew.

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