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Saturday, 13 September 2014

This precisely describes the entire batch of NUS architecture class of 2015 because THE DISSERTATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED! Very very thankful to have that abomination out of my life... for now. Until it is vetted and submitted for final printing shall i bid a fond farewell to it for good.

And what better way to celebrate post dissertation, which i have been looking forward to for the LONGEST time, than to celebrate it with good company! So wednesday was spent with the cell group with a picnic at SMU replete with food and merry-making with the usual icebreaker games. Because it was also a belated mid autumn festival celebration we also had to carry lanterns like children, wave sparklers around and try to take long exposure shots and set things on fire. Shurn decided to up the cool factor and bring his DRONE and fly it around the school much to the bewilderment of the students mugging in the seminar rooms. Suffice to say, many people didn't notice the drone because ahem, they were too focused on their work.

Unfortunately life and work didn't even pause for a little bit after submission and I had a 10am lecture to attend on Thursday, BOO. Weihan drove us to Dempsey to have a good lunch at Jones.. because free parking and also we like to pretend that we are high class once in a while. Twas really nice having al fresco dining, enjoying the beautiful weather before the humidity became unbearable, and chatting about random things without worrying about having to 'go back and do my dissertation'. Honestly, I've said that phrase so many times in the past 3 months it's incredulous. Squinting into the sunlight while eating some superb beef pappardelle was some good food for the soul and I should be so blessed that my life can be punctuated with peaceful moments like these amidst the craziness that is architecture school.

Met chags at orchard to squander our free time and check out the noise exhibition before meeting the other archi people. Thereafter we went to The Brat for some bratwursts/ burgers, where i had to endure watching kinkit eat a hotdog while resisting the urge to burst out laughing/ slap the hotdog out of his hands. We adjourned to Hotel Rendezvous to....... karaoke because belting out old chinese songs at the top of our lungs is the best reprieve from a 3 month long imprisonment to our chairs and laptops for a 10k word report.

Ended the day with some pizza and drinks at switch which was a fitting culmination to the day and signifies the long-anticipated end of the dissertation season WOOOOOOOOO

Friday was when i reprised my role as Math Tuition Teacher. Goodness, it's been really long since I had to deal with children/ do problem sums it's almost nostalgic looking at exam papers and answer keys. I guess this is an exercise in perseverance, patience and most importantly time management and prioritising. First lesson was surprisingly okay, and the kids I teach are good kids, so thank God for that! Had a dinner treat from jojo with senja at novena after that, during which i foolishly took the spicy ramen. Truthfully it wasn't that spicy at all, but these things.... they burn you twice, if you know what i mean.

And now I am done pretending that I have a life and will go back to researching on rainwater harvesting systems. /sulk

Also since it seems I have more readers than i expect.. ask me random questions to quell my boredom!
Hmm not expecting anything but let's just see what strangers on the internet ask.

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