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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

hey hey hey

Typing away even though my bag for Batam TOMORROW is yet to be packed and I have to be at the ferry terminal at 10+. Thank goodness my friends had the foresight and laziness not to listen to me when I wanted to take the 7am ferry.

The holidays are quickly slipping through my fingers as the year draws to a close. I cannot so much as remember what my new year's resolution was/ whether there was one in the first place, but right now, I am enjoying myself to the maximum just in case next semester has cataclysm in store for me.

In other news, the weather in Singapore is currently extremely bipolar. Sometimes it's constipated and mercilessly hot but immediately after that the sky boils into a tempest, it's incredibly frustrating.
But despite the horrendous weather so prevalent in December, it is still an enjoyable part of the year, devoid of work and obligations and filled with fun, food and friends.

Headed to Duxton for lunch with ZY and WH yesterday. That area bears terrible memories for me thanks to the disaster of Year 1, and recurring catastrophic assignments in that vicinity. Thankfully Duxton has many quaint cafes that attenuate the abhorrence of the place.

So we met at The Plain! My lunch was really ugly, but rather tasty. Opted for the Dean's breakfast which was sourdough bread with vegemite and grilled cheese topped with poached eggs.

The first adjective that entered my head when I first set sight on it was PATCHY. But it was really tasty, and the service was impeccable, so I can't complain.

Roamed around the area for a bit before deciding to head to island creamery for ice cream. Thank goodness for good friends that drive, even though sometimes they may drive a tad too dangerously and fast.

The afternoon passed really fast in the company of ZY and WH. Mostly we were sitting around eating ice cream, listening and bobbing and singing to the Christmas songs that were looping in Island Creamery. Island Creamery must have a lot of meaning to many people, I thought. So much youth held within these walls. I would have loved to hang out here if not for the vast distance from RG.

Finally picked up my lens filter in preparation for the Turkey trip. My lens has suffered enough, I shall treat it delicately from now on. Managed to quell my urge to buy a new f1.8 50mm lens even though I KNOW I KNOW that my photos will be nicer argh. The woes of the unemployed and broke.

Sat for what seemed like an eternity at J8 while waiting for B because the kid is FOREVER late. But this is karma for all the other times I've been late for school/appointments, which have been becoming more frequent of late. I will blithely attribute this to the sudden change in home environment which has thrown my estimation skillz off, making me a good 10-15 minutes late each time. Waiting for myself to get a grip.

It's mildly embarrassing to watch Running Man in public because I unfortunately have not mastered the art of stifling my laughter. But I can't hear myself through my earphones, and have not received any weird stares so far (or so I convince myself) so I'm going to assume that no one is judging me.
I had a fabulous dinner at Cuppage Mall/whatever that dodgy place is called at a nondescript Japanese restaurant exclusive to the people that have explored enough to find this gem of a place.
Photos because I was testing out the manual focus on my camera, Claire.

Enjoyed one of my last few nights in Singapore of 2013 in the city area, soaking in the lights and the sounds. Sat outside Timbre to enjoy the music like a cheapo who doesn't want to pay for expensive beer then walking to Sauce to grab a Kronenbourg. I should be more ashamed of this but I'm not, because $16 for beer is way too steep.

The wishing balls were floating around in the bay already, illuminated with unnecessarily bright and garish lights. And the facade of MBS had also been adulterated with hideous gaudy rainbow lights. I honestly don't know if anyone at all finds this visage nice or beguiling in the least. But the juxtaposition of the jarring lights and the lightness of an untroubled and contented (at least for that moment) heart was oddly peaceful, and will always be a feeling that I want to call to mind especially in December.

Fast forward to today where I spent an inordinate amount of time doing craft work, or TRYING to get it right. It finally paid off after 2 hours of cutting and trial and error. Behold my patriotic hot air balloon!
I am pleased with and fond of it, and it is now hanging over my study table, serving as a reminder of good times and light hearts.

More travel posts soon!

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