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Monday, 20 January 2014

Argh once again I have lapsed in my blogging frequency. This always happens, but I blame it on a combination of increased amount of work plus a highly uneventful social life.

So school has started and I have to start researching on my dissertation. It's all very exciting! I say with aplomb. In one and a half weeks I will be eating my words. Right, just as I typed this an email from the lecturer came in reminding us of the deadline. D:

Thankfully I managed to squeeze in some meetings before school got really busy! Meeting with old friends is always nice, even if we haven't spoken in years. I never imagined that I could still maintain friendships with people that I don't keep in frequent contact with. Somehow with some people the distance doesn't make a difference, and we arrive right back at where we started.

So, gathering with Sec 2 classmates went well. It's amazing how much detail we still remember about our adolescent years in RG, with all the melodrama and gossiping that comes with being in a girls school. I thank RG for the best years of my life and also for this bunch of girls (and many many others absent!) Couldn't have asked for a more vibrant and exciting environment to grow up in. Also, plum parding.

First time at Medsz! Have to say the food was pretty good. Senja and I shared a 1-for-1 beer and a hugeeeeeee roast meat platter which was DELICIOUS but way too big for 2. 

Met up with the frisbee guys and Leeqi as well but no pictures accompany that because.. they are guys. 

In other news, been really addicted to playing HEAD'S UP at social gatherings because it is HILARIOUS and also prevents us from lapsing into the same few topics again e.g. work, school, architecture blahblah. It is great!

Also had my first reunion dinner recently which was great but also the same as all the other years'. Am not looking forward to celebrating CNY and visiting, but I am excited for it to pass so that I can wear the new clothes that I bought. hehehe :)

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