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Saturday, 8 February 2014

yam cakes and ballroom dancing

A number of things occurred today:

1. went for my much-needed scaling and polishing at the dentist today and had saliva and water sprayed all over my clothes and face by the ultrasonic scaler tip.

2. forgot that i had fluoride gel all over my teeth and that i was supposed to rinse it off half an hour after the treatment. promptly went in search of food and ingested 60% of the gel together with my very delightful calpis marshmallows.

3. showed the dentist a picture of my dental xray that i had posted to my instagram feed. yup, she officially thinks i'm weird.

4. played singapore version charades at dinner with extended family. conclusion: adults are very slow and anal when playing such games.
word: yam cake
everyone: unanimously points to popo " POPO ALWAYS MAKE ONE"

good times, good times.

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