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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

And so the countdown to the last submission of my undergraduate career begins.

The weekend saw me camping in school cutting foam, poisoning my brain with the toxic fumes, and vomiting a highly bullshitty report expounding on the usefulness (or lack thereof) of simulation softwares and their influence on design decision making. I'm desperately hoping this is the last time I will be using EnergyPlus, that dastardly software which happily (mis)informed me that my glass building was in fact more energy efficient than my concrete building. LIES, ENERGY PLUS, LIES! Trust, once lost, is hard to earn back – so I turned to Ecotect for simulation results which proved to be much more sensible, and the process a lot less painful too. But that 10 page report is done and submitted so
 and may we never meet again.

Scurried to school yesterday in a bid to capture the full use of my laser slot before some ninja hijacked it, and managed to get my site plan lasered and submit the report without any suffering anymore trauma to my tortured soul. Decided that this week would be a painful one so I declared it an off day yesterday and went traipsing down to Catsocrates to dwell among beautiful objects and inhale the scent of wooden receptacles before returning home to crash.

The impromptu dinner meeting with the archipeeps fell through (as usual; we are terrible at anything impromptu) so off I went to meet Wynne to shop for groceries at Giant and stocked up on plenty of beverages which will surely come in handy this horrendous week of rushing drawings for final crit.

I really ought to be CADding now. OFF I GO

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