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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 2 of 6 final crit slogging has begun. If yesterday is to be an indicator of how the rest of the week will be like, it's highly possible that I emerge at the end of this week looking like a 32 year old. This work saps youth and energy incredibly quickly, unfortunately; it's rather sad that I have dedicated my life to doing this.

But progress has been as planned, though it's perhaps a little early to conclude on my efficacy considering it's only day 2. It would truly be horrifying if I were behind schedule after only one day, so fingers crossed that my efficiency will remain.

Looking at all that shit that I have to do makes me tired already. But at the same time it's really useful in helping me to organise my time better so pats on the back for me.
I can't decide whether I'm disciplined or not because I've had to switch off my phone, ipad and block all social media sites on my mac so that I'll be forced to do work – it's a wee bit sad that I have to resort to such measures, but even after I knew my phone was off I still found myself reaching for it reflexively ever so often D:

It is what it is. Off I go to fight my battles of the day, all while listening to Spotify, no less.

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