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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I woke up today in what can only be described as a haze of bewilderment. As I fell into bed at close to 5am and set the alarm for 8am, it wasn't before long that my phone alarm was ringing incessantly in my ears. In my sleep-deprived haste to switch off the source of my agony I'd somehow manage to switch my timezone to -6GMT instead of +8GMT and woke up to my phone telling me that it was 6.14pm.

I looked out of the window and was all like, but it's too bright to be 6.14pm  so I ran into the study room and switched on my laptop to confirm that I had in fact finished my work and it wasn't part of a very elaborate, painful and realistic dream. It didn't help that my laptop decided to revert all the wallpapers back to what was set 2 weeks ago, so for a fleeting moment I was like, say what, did I just travel time??

So I ran into the toilet to check the time and to my relief it was 8.15 on 15th April instead of any other day.

I've just returned from the printer's which was unable to print my file because it was TOO HUGE. So here I am downsizing my panels to a JPG which can hopefully be printed without incident. It'd been a perilous day. I reached the printer happily thinking wow this is going well, went to Victor's kitchen to order some dimsum only to be jolted back into my painful reality in which none of the laptops and computers could open my huge file. And so I had an awful lunch of cold dimsum (and probably some indigestion) and a futile trip to Dhoby Ghaut and back. LE SIGH.

Now waiting while Indesign works hard at converting my file into a jpg. Very trauma. Such fatigue. Wow.

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