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Monday, 14 April 2014

TODAY! is the last day of the countdown to the last submission of my undergraduate career. I'd never have thought I'd have the tenacity and fortitude to last until now. Four years of slogging flew by just like that – even though  quite honestly during the rough periods (like this past week), it certainly didn't feel like a short time. It's weird though, because I'm kind of torn between wanting more time to finish what I set out to accomplish and wanting to accelerate time just to be over and done with it.

I'm typing this while the blood rushes from my brain to my stomach to digest my food (and therefore I should not do work now hehe). My day started waaaay early at 7am today which is unusual for me unless I have something pressing like FINAL SUBMISSION looming over me. Have been working non-stop since then cutting and pasting my physical model and then rendering my final images for the panel tomorrow.

I can't say I put in a terribly large amount of effort into this, but it was by no means a walk in the park, churning out all these diagrams, plans, sections and renders and not to mention this darned physical model which is quite truthfully a pain in the posterior. My render looks like a horribly amateur collage while my drawings look like they were drawn by a toddler (i exaggerate. it would have to be an exceptionally gifted toddler) but I am rapidly running out of shits to give.

Now before I run out of shits totally, let me salvage what this tornado of a week has left in its wake while I'm still relatively alert.

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