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Thursday, 17 April 2014

TODAY I COMPLETE THE LAST FINAL CRIT OF MY UNDERGRADUATE LIFE (barring all possibilities that I fail anything and have to repeat please don't let that happen) and it feels like a burden has finally been relieved. The indigestion over the past 2 days, it seems, was due to stress and irregular meals. The post crit dinner of Japanese pasta has alleviated my cranky body syndrome hurraaaaah for that.

Nothing special, nothing extraordinary, just a small dinner with some of the people that have helped me get through these intense four years of my life. Right now them feels are at bay because I am finally managing to feel tired after having 2 days of insomnia but they will probably set in soon.

In other news, going to spend Good Friday in the workshop cutting foam AGAIN; architecture school is all sorts of terrible sometimes.

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