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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

OH GOOD LORD I have finally washed my hands off the stupid Rapid prototyping module's work. After 9 laborious days of carrying, sanding, glueing enormous pieces of foam and then moving, construction and coating the structure with dryvit and not to forget MIXING the dryvit, we are finally done. Actually I have no idea if it is completed but as long as I am not required to EVER wear gloves and hold trowels to work on that, IT IS DONE.

This module was an incredible scam. We were promised 6 weeks of sem time but it came with an enormous costly caveat which was that we would have to spend our precious post crit time working in the scorching sun on a project that didn't belong to us. At least 64 hours have been spent on this monstrosity and I am only too glad to bid it goodbye. Am not even going to go for the final review because I never want anything to do with this ever again.

I guess the people made the ordeal less painful. Over this intense last 9 days we have forged a delightful camaraderie albeit over the common disdain towards other people (namely the absolutely USELESS ISD, a very lazy RA and a very exploiting tutor) having spent most of our waking moments together and finding ways to shade ourselves from the hot sun (our tarp tent was a brilliant idea).

Pictures to come but for now... sleep, rest and chillaxing.

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